August 2008; How Different It Was

This below photo of my children and I is from our vacation to San Diego in August of 2008. Everything was so different then. I still had not yet remarried and it was just the three of us on this vacation. In fact, we took many such vacations during my almost eight years as a single mother. One of my favorite was attending family camp at Wolfridge Environmental Learning Center. I relished the break from from cooking and driving. The kids and I hiked, enjoyed a challenging ropes course, and learned to rock climb. These things stretched us all and gave us confidence. Even as a single parent, family vacations, are still important. Indeed, I wish we had done more. Now remarried, I am expecting another child. My oldest child, Hannah, will be leaving soon for Japan and will experience life away from me, for the very first time. Things have changed and I look back at that trip last August as one last pause before everything began to change. Indeed, the wheels were already in motion with me finally having realized I was in love with my now-husband, then a long-time friend. You never know what to expect in this life. Sometimes, however, if you just keep walking forward, you can trust that good things will come your way.August 2008


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