The Dreaded Cankles

I have a cankle on my left side. That is, one can no longer discern an ankle bone it is just one continuous calf and ankle leading to my foot. I never was swollen like this with pregnancy one and two. Hmmm. That’s what a 39-year old pregnant woman gets, I guess. Can’t wait to see my ankle again. I kind of miss it.

Hannah is still going through a tremendous adjustment period. I am hoping that she will make a friend or two in Japan. I think that would really help her feel more positive about the experience. Yet, she’s not even been there a week. I know that it just takes time. I wrote to her today about grace and patience. I think I could use a little grace and patience myself these days. I demonstrated a great deal of irritation with all of those in my path today. I feel a bit badly about my behavior now.

I am tired too. The last two nights, I’ve been up with painful contractions from 3-5 am. It is just my uterus doing more practicing–but why can’t it practice more during my waking hours. These are my last few nights of being able to sleep through the night without an infant to care for–and these pesky contractions are ruining it for me. At least my cankles don’t prevent sleep.


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