Praying for a Strider Character

There are many places along a child’s journey in life where a parent cannot enter and times when our children become hidden from view. At times, they are called into dark taverns to await further instruction.  By birthing your children, you set them off on a journey that they must take, but oh how you will worry–much like Gandof sending off Frodo with a ring to carry all the way to Mordor. You hope for helpers along the way who will emerge in the dark taverns, much like Strider (Aragorn) did at the Prancing Pony. You hope that others step in to help get your children where they need to go. I even felt this when my children were in day care. I always hoped they would form deep bonds with their care providers. I had no sense of jealousy, but rather, knew that this was the best possible option for my kids while I was away from them during my necessary days at work. I have long realized that it really does take a village to raise a child and now, I depend on an unknown village half way across the world from me to pilot my daughter through these tough days that she is having in a place that I cannot be.


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