Pregnancy week 39 only deserves bullet points

  • No baby Yet
  • Tight, tight skin stretched over my huge stomach
  • Raw scratches on belly from where I unknowingly scratch at night (looks like the cat has attacked me)
  • Cankles are back, on both sides–went to see acupuncturist today to see if she could help
  • We have commitment ceremony to attend on Saturday and no dresses fit me, no shoes fit me
  • I pee at least 30 times/day and 12 times/night
  • I sneezed at Target the other day and pee ran down my leg under one of the last skirts I fit into and onto my Chaco shoes that I can wear only unbuckled (fortunately Chaco’s are quite washable)
  • Attended Ethan’s freshman orientation last night–the spectacle I am–and didn’t get to just sit in the bleachers but had to play “get-to-know-you” games with other parents in the gym (had to stand for 2 hours)
  • Hoping I am retaining water in my butt, otherwise, why won’t these shorts fit that were falling off of me just two months ago?
  • Wonder if my cankles have anything to do with the large bag of Cheetos I bought for myself and ate after peeing in the baby aisle of Target to assuage my misery
  • Can no longer reach to shave my legs; baby will think he’s being born to a gorilla

2 thoughts on “Pregnancy week 39 only deserves bullet points

  1. Poor Heidi! Standing for two hours at the freshman orientation? Peeing on yourself at Target? Cankles and scratches and no clothes that fit? I sure hope that baby’s born soon! (On the plus side, you’ve made it to 39 weeks, which probably seemed like an impossible feat a couple months ago!)

  2. Thank you for a great laugh today, Heidi! I all too well remember those days when the all the body wants to do is retain the water and then dispose of the water … in not such cool ways! Hang in there!

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