Thirty-nine Week Update

Still just 2 centimeters dilated.  Instructions to keep cankles elevated most of the time and drink 12-15 glasses of water each day. They would like to see some drainage soon. Put on five pounds of water weight just in last week. By the looks of my fat, pudgy feet, the weight is mostly in my feet and ankles. The nurse, however, assured me that some of it could indeed be in my bum. Hopefully my blood pressure remains low. I will probably be increasing trips to bathroom now from 30-45 trips/day. I guess I can just be glad my body 39-year old body has managed to carry this baby to 39-weeks gestation. I guess I can endure this final week(s) of inconvenience.

Hannah is struggling with some health issues in Japan right now, so it is very hard for her to be away from her mom. I feel for her.



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