Still Very Round at Almost 40 Weeks

Just a quick update. I am still very round. I was able to teach my first class today and so, even if I have to miss next week, at least my 1L students have met their legal writing teacher. I too can feel a little less stress, having survived the first class.

Ethan started high school yesterday. He locked his schedule (with his locker combination on it) inside of his locker at one point yesterday. Of course, I had suggested the day earlier that he write his combination on a sheet separate from his schedule and place it in his pocket. When he told me of the mishap upon returning from school yesterday, I said to him, “See, sometimes moms just know.”

Ethan is now a level 10 gymnast, which means 5 days/week in the gym for 3-4 hour stretches of time. I am not certain how he’ll balance this with his homework–but I’ve always wondered that in the past and he’s always done it. He knows he has to keep a certain GPA for me to continue to pay for his gym time. I admire his commitment to gymnastics, at the same time I wish for a little more diversity in his schedule and life. Yet, I know there are worse things that a teenage boy could be into.

Suddenly the leaves are turning colors here. In Minnesota, the Labor Day holiday seems to conclude our summer (well before the fall equinox) and yet, somehow it is always shocking to see the change happen. Similarly, there will be a day here very soon where I will not just run and jump in my car to run an errand. Every outing will involve strapping a baby into a car seat and packing up a baby bag. Just like with the end of summer, I don’t really feel ready–but it will surely happen, as sure as the fall leaves turn. Mothering will once again be a more active, intensive endeavor. Maybe it is always intensive, as I am learning with Hannah in Japan. Maybe the focal points of intensity merely shifts over time. I hope I will be a more relaxed mother this time around; that I will enjoy the little toes and little fingers, knowing know how quickly those little toes grow into size 11 shoes (that would be Ethan).


2 thoughts on “Still Very Round at Almost 40 Weeks

  1. I’ve been thinking about you and waiting for news about the baby. Glad to hear that you made it to your first class. Wow, there’s a lot going on with all your kids right now! I’ll keep waiting for word of the baby’s arrival and looking forward to seeing you and your new son (and new home) soon!

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