Postpartum Woes

Just checking in from the home of leaky, engorged breasts, blood clots, excessive bleeding, and now, a breast infection with a 101 degree temp. I know some people are anxious to meet Josh, but I am still running around in my pjs every day; avoiding bras because they contribute to my plugged ducts. I unfortunately overproduce milk, which makes it difficult for both me and baby–at least until my babies get big enough to handle my flow.

I warned Chris before Josh was born that I typically have a 10 month of pregnancy added on to my 9 months. It is no less so this time around. Hopefully, I will emerge from my cocoon around the 4 week point, so please be patient. I’ve recently learned that in some areas of Japan, a

Sleeping peacefully
Sleeping peacefully

woman is sent to bed for the first six weeks postpartum. Her relatives come in to take care of the baby. The baby is only brought to her to feed. I have read that, in some areas, they even talk to the woman as if she too were an infant. I know that some people just glide through this postpartum time, but I never have. I will hopefully be back online both here and in the real world, in a few weeks.

(Also, any free moments I get each day are spent grading papers–so that is adding an extra challenge and wrinkle to this postpartum period).


4 thoughts on “Postpartum Woes

  1. Wow–you are dealing with a lot of challenges right now! Of course we are looking forward to seeing you and meeting your beautiful new son. But we will wait patiently until you are feeling better and ready to have visitors, whenever that may be. 🙂

  2. Thanks Julie. I always struggle these first 4-6 weeks. I thought maybe I’d escape it as I am older now, but it mostly has to do with my overloaded breasts. I really should be nursing triplets or sending all of this extra milk off to a NICU ward or something. Anyway, usually about the time my uterus finally returns to its rightful spot in my lower abdomen (around 5-6 weeks), things get better. This class is also really wiping me out. I didn’t really think about how hard it would be to be grading long papers. So instead of naping when Josh is naping, I am grading papers. Makes for a crabby mommy.

  3. Your little guy is sooooo adorable! I’m sorry you’re having a crummy postpartum. No fun to have overloaded breasts. 😦 And so sorry that you have to spend your spare time grading papers. Maybe you can try to nap during most of Josh’s naps, and work during one. 🙂

    I can relate a little to not wanting to see anyone for awhile. I think I holed up for a full month before even leaving the house after Simon was born. Of course, it was January, so it made it a little easier!

    FYI – I start at West Oct 5, so I’ll probably meet your big guy before I meet your little guy. But I hope to meet your little guy soon!


  4. Hello Heidi:
    I remember your post birth troubles! You have the worst luck with breast infections of any one I have ever known! I really feel bad! I was an over producer of milk, but never had the problem with the infections! You certainly don’t deserve to be so sick on top of tired and responsible for so much! What a great experience for Chris! You take care of yourself and those infections! I love you and cannot wait to see you!

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