Today I brought the two brothers to their pediatrician for a joint appointment. Both of them had colds and Ethan was running a fever, with a bad cough. Last year at this time, I wouldn’t have run my kids in, but Ethan had such a terrible time with the flu last spring and the fear of H1N1 (and then having a newborn with a cold) has made me more cautious. My boys are both gaining weight nicely. Ethan finally weighs more than me (and is nearing 6 feet). He may have last spring, but I was pregnant, so I still outweighed him then. Chris and I are amazed with how much he grew over the summer–particularly in the shoulders. Ethan is extremely solid, like iron. Josh is weighing in at 11 pounds today. Ethan said Josh is carrying most of the weight in his chin. No doubt, he is a sweetly chubby baby. At this time, the doctor wasn’t terribly concerned with either cold. Ethan’s fever didn’t quite pass the threshold for H1N1 testing. So we were all sent home to rest. I’m not resting, but the boys are both napping. The doctor told Ethan that he couldn’t touch the baby until he was well.

Yesterday, Josh and I had to venture out in the car without Chris for the first time to drop Grandma Marcia at the airport. From there, we made an appearance at my food co-op for some supplements to promote good breast health during lactation. Josh did great on that outing. We then went to pick Ethan up at school later that afternoon. When we went to get Ethan, I had to wear these awful aquamarine-colored velour sweatpants. I purchased these for $2.00 on clearance at Target to straddle the seasons while I was about 3-4 months pregnant. I figured they would also bridge me back to my old pre-pregnancy wardrobe as well. And they are doing that, along with my black and brown yoga pants. The two pairs of yoga pants were both in the overflowing dirty clothes basket and so I had to wear the velour sweat pants in public. This just is further evidence of my waning interest in fashion. I’m still a music junkie though. Once on the road, I put in Neil Young’s Zuma album for Josh to listen to (I still am hoping and praying that he can hear). I am convinced that Josh calms down whenever he hears Cortez the Killer.

I am particularly enjoying this week because I don’t have any papers to grade. A weekend free of student memos! I am very excited. Maybe I’ll finally get my bathrooms cleaned. I’ve also gotten out for a walk a few times this week with my big fancy pram. Up until this week, we’ve only used the pram/bassinet in our home. It is Josh’s preferred place to sleep. It was nice to venture out a bit over the past few days. Not sure if it is Josh’s age (4 weeks today) or the lack of memos to grade–whatever it is, it is sure nice to see a few small pieces of my old life creep back in. Also, Chris and I ventured out last Sunday when Ethan was with his dad. Chris, Josh, and I went to eat at the Good Earth, the site of our last “date” before Josh was born (while I was in labor). We also managed to go to Gabborts’ Furniture store and completed the shopping we started while I was in labor, finally buying a kitchen table that fit our tiny dining space. It is fun to have the table that we picked out when I was in labor. I will always remember being forced to my knees in pain right in the middle of that furniture store.

Well, these are just some mundane moments from the week. Life with a baby is pretty rote. Change diaper, feed, change diaper, feed, sleep, squeeze in some food for me, change diaper, feed etc. Chris is better at savoring the moments (although, he is at work all day). Last night, he was dancing around our office with Josh, to perhaps Robert Earl Keen. I was sitting in my chair in the office, Google chatting with Hannah. Ethan was in the kitchen near by (at the new table) doing homework. Chris turned to me and said, “We don’t get these moments back, you know?” He’s right; although mundane, these are good days indeed. Maybe I needed a little mundane in my life. And most certainly, I needed a little Joshua.

In my giraffe suit from Godfather JimDon't tell Ethan I posted this picture


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