One Month Old

Joshua was one month old on Sunday. That is always a nice milestone to reach. He has started givingthe sweetest toothless smiles lately. There were a few around week 3, but became much more regular around week 4. Ethan even got to see a smile this morning. Joshua also seems to have more defined or organized awake and asleep times.

It has been snowing here in Minnesota this week and is, in fact, snowing at this time. On one of the only sunny days, Joshua and I ventured out to get him a polar fleece snowsuit at the Lands End Inlet. Unfortunately they had a very small selection, but I was able to order one online. We are eagerly awaiting the snowsuits arrival, hoping it will allow us to get back out  for another month of walks in the buggy. We ran into my friend Nadia and her beautiful little girl Yvette at Lands End and they held Josh for me while I placed the order. I am always amazed by Yvette’s mass of dark curls and lavender eyes. Hannah has been babysitting Yvette (now 4 or 5?) and sister Cecelia since they were babies. It was fun to see Yvette get excited about Joshua. Maybe CeCe will be watching Josh someday. I was always amused that I had my kids early enough that they were babysitting my friends’ kids. Now the reverse might be true.

In my stay-at-home state, I have started watching Gray’s Anatomy. It’s really not the best show, but is definitely a compelling soap opera. It is probably good to have a show to look forward to on the long days at home. I am watching it on Lifetime in the afternoons so I am catching up on all of those years I never watched it (when Hannah was a baby, I watch Thirtysomething during her late-night feedings. When Ethan was a baby, I watched My-so-called Life). I guess I really only watch television when I have a baby at home. Anyway, on yesterday’s episode, one of the doctors decided to have a baby on her own, after her marriage failed. She was 39 years old at the time and found out she only had two eggs left. She regretted having put off having a baby for her career. I guess I should feel fortunate that I had my babies and my career. And then, at age 39, somehow was given this gift of a baby when who knows what state my own eggs are in. Maybe Josh came from one of my last remaining eggs. I guess you never know. He is a miracle and a gift. (And I am excited for my “second” career that will follow this birth–I believe it is there but just haven’t discovered it yet).

So with that, here are a few one month old pictures.

Because I'm Bad!
Because I’m Bad!

I have my daddy's hairline

Don't I look like my daddy here?
Don’t I look like my daddy here?

Going out in my hat from Julie and TomkinTalking to Mr. Horse (from Tessa)


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