Six-week Photos

Hannah asked me to post some new Josh pictures for her today so Josh and I had a mini photo session. I managed to capture a few smiles! He loves his sister. He had his first laugh for Hannah on Sunday morning on Skype. He is a true member of the internet generation, already communicating on Skype.

Josh watched my all-time favorite movie with me yesterday afternoon, Apollo 13. Maybe he’ll go to the moon someday. You never know. I will catch up with more soon. Joshua’s hearing exam has been moved to this Friday and he is getting baptized on Sunday, with Godfather Jim coming in from Texas for it and Godmother Shari in from Montana. He will have two godparents who are fantastic family law attorneys. All of these attorneys surround him–yet I’d rather he be an astronaut someday.


2 thoughts on “Six-week Photos

    1. Thanks Sarah. He is such a blessing. It is amazing how completely and totally we fall in love with our children, isn’t it. And then how we continue to love them. Of course it isn’t a perfect love, as we are not perfect–but it feels like a very pure sort of love.

      I love to look at the videos you post of Grace on your blog. So does Hannah–they lift her spirits.

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