Update on Hearing

Josh failed his hearing test again today. At this point, they would usually sedate him for more detailed tests. We’ve asked, instead, to have him retested one more time, in mid-November. Part of the reason is I just don’t like the thought of putting him under when he is so little (how do they know he isn’t allergic to the anesthesia or something like that?). The audiologist has also given us a small hope that fluid remains in his ears, throwing the test results.

On the Hannah front, she has a new host family now and seems to be doing much better with the new family. They seem to be very kindhearted and generous.

We learn through our children, in so many ways . . . this is a time of learning.

Hannah at new host families house.
Hannah at new host families house.

6 thoughts on “Update on Hearing

    1. Sarah,

      When Hannah got the email about Josh, she said she was feeling very sad and so went out to read your blog. She told me that she finds your blog very inspirational. Then she told me that she was trying to trust God with everything, the way you do, and that I should try to do this too.

  1. Hi, I have a little guy who also failed his newborn screen and then the follow-up screen. He does have a moderate hearing loss in both ears, and is doing GREAT.

    I know the sedation for an ABR can be very scary for Mom and Dad! Sometimes you can convince them to let you bring the baby in sleepy and try to get them to sleep for the test. The sedative they use is more of a light sedation- they don’t use the same thing they would for major surgery. I hope your little one does pass his final hearing tests, but if he doesn’t he’ll be fine. Technology has changed so much that kids are on par with their hearing peers (and sometimes ahead, because of early intervention). Just wanted to send some electronic support your way!

    1. Thank you so much. I find this very reassuring. I just checked out your blog. Also reassuring. It is really good to hear from someone who has gone through this and is managing through. Just before I went online, I was looking out the window, feeling kind of sad for my little guy. I was wondering how you have thoughts if you don’t yet have a language to have those thoughts in. I can see why early intervention is so vital.

  2. Things really will be OK, no matter which way the test turns out. The most stressful time is wondering and waiting- not knowing for sure and not knowing what lies ahead. I can tell you that our little boy is doing so well, that no one knows he has a hearing loss. He has had a duck costume on lately (with a hood), and someone commented to me, “wow, he is so little and he talks so well!” She had no clue there were hearing aids on under that hood. Her comment made me smile for reasons that she could never understand.

    We even have friends who are profoundly deaf and use a cochlear implant to hear- their language would knock your socks off. It takes some time and some work, but it is the best work in the world.

    If your little guy does have a permanent hearing loss, I highly recommend two resources: The John Tracy Clinic (they have a free correspondence course and send wonderful information by mail in the form of “lessons”) and listen-up.org (a yahoo email list of parents who all have kids with hearing loss). Both are a wonderful source of support!

    1. Leah,

      This all has helped me tremendously. I’ve checked out some of the resources you suggested. Yes, this is probably the hardest time–the waiting and wondering. But it sure helps to know that there are resources available if we do find Josh has a hearing loss.

      Thanks so much for reaching out. It has really given me a more positive outlook on this situation.


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