2010 Theme Song–Baby You Can Sleep While I Drive

So far, Josh doesn’t much like his car seat. He’ll be spending a great deal more time in his car seat this spring semester, however, driving back and forth to my Aunt Gretchen and Uncle Lee’s house, which is about a twenty minute drive with no traffic, but add in traffic and snow? Well then, anybody’s guess how long the trip will be. The good news is that their house is very close to the University of Minnesota where I teach. Anyway, I am hoping Josh learns to sleep in his car seat. We realized a couple days ago that we had the straps still placed for a newborn, when Josh is an 18.5 pound baby now and in 9-12 month clothing. We changed the strap to its highest setting and hopefully that will help.

Baby, You can sleep while I drive. (Melissa Ethridge song)

PS–Here’s a photo of Josh in a Bumbo that someone gave us. His thighs get stuck in it so it doesn’t work very well for us.


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