Hanging Out With Grandpa

My dad visited again last weekend to help out with both boys while Chris was in New Orleans. My dad took Ethan to his first gymnastics meet, where Ethan placed third on parallel bars (pretty good, considering that he was struggling with an injury and it was his first meet competing as a level ten gymnast). Grandpa also spent lots of time holding Joshua in a standing position, which Josh loved. Josh has spent the entire week wondering where that guy went who held him upright for two days straight. Josh seems genuinely frustrated now by having to hang out once again on the ground under his play gym again.

While my dad was here, Josh was suffering from a bad diaper rash. I thought that I had just worked through the rash (which included raised, white bumps) the previous week. Although the pediatrician prescribed an antibiotic (saying it was bacterial in nature), I was trying to work through it by applying breast milk, which is rich with antibodies, and then pure lanolin to seal it. The rash had disappeared but returned in a milder form the weekend my dad was here. My dad told me to wash the area really well with soap and water every time I changed Josh and then to get it thoroughly dry. I just laughed at him. To my great surprise, when I was back at the pediatrician’s office this week with Josh for his four month check up, the doctor told me that I could try washing Josh really good with soap and water and then drying him with a hair dryer each time I changed him. So for the past few days, I’ve been spending a great amount of timing on each changing. I wash his bottom with very warm water and a mild antibacterial facial cleanser of Ethan’s and then dry him with the hair dryer. I then apply lanolin or Burt Bee’s diaper ointment, rotating the applications. This certainly has taken more time then I could have spared if I were back teaching, but it seems to have worked and Josh’s bottom is clear again–all without the dreaded antibiotics!

Here are some pictures of my dad and Josh that turned out pretty sweet.


One thought on “Hanging Out With Grandpa

  1. Diaper rashes are the worst! The hair dryer is a pretty good idea- I hadn’t thought of that before! Though we’re almost out of diapers, thank goodness (g).

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