16 Random Things About Me

Confession: I lifted this off my facebook Notes pages. I was reminded of it because it mentions my crazy quilt. Obviously, this was written pre-marriage (don’t need all of those wool blankets anymore) and pre-milk-filled breasts, once again. I’ve gotta get me back into one of those renaissance outfits while I finally (still) have something to push up!

1. I wouldn’t make it through winter without Smart Wool socks, the more vibrant the colors, the better.

2. Writing this note makes me nervous, as I’ve tagged some of the best editorial, grammar-police types out there.

3. I preface this with stating that children are not possessions. So, that being said, one of the only possessions I really value is a crazy quilt made by my great-grandmother, Matthea Olson, while she was living on the Iron Range and working as a mid-wife. It is on my bed right now and it is so very beautiful. My camera is currently MIA, but when it turns up, I will post a picture of my quilt.

4. In the winter, I sleep under 5-6 wool blankets and then my Mattie quilt. I almost always laugh when I get into bed because most people would be crushed under the weight of all of those blankets (hmmm, I see a theme emerging here). I also have 1 wool blanket underneath me. I really believe that wool has magical powers. If you have trouble sleeping, try wool.

5. There is a way trees look, barren trees, in the early morning winter sunlight, that makes me want to weep.

6. I drink green jasmine tea mixed with soy milk every morning out of a giant blue mug. It is one of the only rituals that I observe.

7. If I could live anywhere, I think I’d live in Ithaca, NY.

8. In my fantasy job dream world, I currently am a fabric designer.

9. I think that the perfect snack/meal is a winter orange and a dark chocolate-covered graham cracker (I am going through an unhealthy, chocolate indulgent phase). [note: 1 year and 2 months later, I am still in the unhealthy chocolate-indulgent phase–maybe it is really a way of life rather than a phase]

10. Confession: I am an english major who still has never read James Joyce (it goes on my list of New Year’s resolutions every year or so–didn’t make the list this year).

11. I am most myself on a wooded trail, wind pushing through the tops of the tall pines over head–snow, sun, mud, even black flies–it still is where I am the most me. It is important to understand where you are the most yourself, the most authentic you.

12. I am the second “most me” dancing wildly to Two Step at a DMB concert. This, however, is quite a bit more of an expensive me to achieve.

13. My favorite color is Chagallian blue.

14. I have at least 40 journals/diaries (if we go back to adolescence) chronicling what I perceive to be my life. Perceptions, as it turns out, are fairly off when it comes to one’s own life. These little books, however, give me great insight into my thought process. Apparently, had I owned Jordache jeans in the 8th grade, my life would have turned out much more fabulously. It is all my parent’s fault.

15. The problem with having 40 or so journals is that on your rare days off before a new year, you feel compelled to read them and you don’t get anything useful accomplished, like organizing files and shredding 9-month old Target receipts.

16. I own three Renaissance Festival outfits. One, a gypsy-type outfit–a bit sexy. One, a noble woman in a brilliant (although not Chagallian) blue. One, basic peasant wear with a bustier that laces up quite tight but unfortunately, there is not much to push up with the laces. (another little known fact about me–before children, I was a C cup; post-children and breastfeeding for endless years, I am left with saggy A’s–not that I am complaining–just doesn’t work well with these outfits).

The peasant ren fest outfit

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