Crazy Quilt Restored

I am so happy with the work that Teresa Lanenberg did on the crazy quilt made by my great grandmother Matthea Olson. My mom and I believe the quilt dates back to the late 1800’s. Teresa told me that she discovered a thin lining on the back of the squares, once she had the quilt opened up. Some of the backing material was derived from old flour sacks. Mattie used every possible piece of fabric in this quilt. I love this quilt so much–not just because it is so beautiful, which it is–but because it is an early example of recycling–making use of what you have; developing the skills to take ordinary scraps of old clothing and turning them into a warm blanket. But Mattie did not just stop at functionality; she went on to hand stitch unique, colorful embroidery around each piece. I will post pictures of this quilt once I get it out on a bed. For now, there are pictures of this quilt on Teresa’s site (threads and such–see my blogroll–

I wish I had known Great Grandmother Matthea. She was gone long before I came on the scene. I am, however, so privileged to be the custodian of this amazing piece of history; this incredible work of art. May it continually inspire me to find new uses for old things and to envision beauty where it does not yet exist.

Here is a “before restoration” picture of the quilt

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