Joshua Loves Books

For the last month or so, Chris and I have noticed how wonderfully Josh responds to books. We couldn’t be more pleased, since we are both avid readers and book lovers. He can be fussing and if you stop to read him a book, he’ll be as calm as can be. So far, he’s indicated a preference for Good Night Moon. We read this book many times everyday. The book carried him all the way through Ethan’s doctor’s appointment this past Friday and through Josh’s ENT appointment yesterday. I will report on that appointment in a few days, when Chris and I decide for sure what we’ll be doing. For now, here are some cute pictures of Josh reading.


2 thoughts on “Joshua Loves Books

  1. So very sweet! Adam loved books too. He did go through a few months (from a year to 18 months, or so) where we couldn’t get him to sit still for a book. But, after that, he loved them again.


  2. And Adam is such a reader now–I hope Josh will be too. Of course, you do such a good job facilitating his love of reading too.

    I really am going to start a blogspot blog one of these days so that I can post comments on your page too. For some reason, the only blogspot blog that I can post on is Hannah’s, and even then, it doesn’t always work.

    I loved seeing the photos of you guys home at Christmas. It was fun seeing your parents’ home again. Good times, good memories from that place.

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