PE Tubes

Next Friday, Josh will have surgery on his ears. He will have a tympanostomy and tube insertion. I know it is a short procedure that has been done many times. I know it needs to be done; but I am still very nervous about it. I worry about the anesthesia and I worry about the fasting before the procedure when my baby looks at me and cries to nurse and I can’t let him. That will be very hard for me. I hate to think about the moment in the hospital when they have to take Josh away from me. We could have put off the procedure, but the ENT thinks we really need to get air to those eardrums. This is the first ENT who has listened to my concerns about the milk that comes through Josh’s nose when he is nursing. She felt a bit of a soft palate, that isn’t split, but isn’t the well-formed hump typical of most palates. This anatomical issue might be the first clue that we have to Josh’s hearing issues. Children with cleft palates often have hearing issues. She thinks the palate will mend with time, although he may always have less tissue back there than is normal.

About a month after the procedure, Josh will have more hearing tests. We’ll then see if the tubes improved his hearing.

Here are some updated pictures of Josh. He is starting to get more hair. I am beginning to think he may be a red head like dad–at least it seems to be reddish in the sunlight. Everyone says he looks just like his dad, and he does. He even waggles his eye brows at me, just like dad.


4 thoughts on “PE Tubes

  1. I will certainly be praying for Joshua. Jadon had tubes put in his ears when he had his palate repaired. So, he really didn’t hear well for his first 2 1/2 years of life. He only needed the tubes for 1 year though, which is pretty unusual for a child with a cleft palate. He hears fine now, although he is rather loud, which I think just became his habit when he couldn’t hear well!


  2. Thanks for the prayers Sarah (and your note also helped me to see my spelling errors!). I believe that I was at your house about 2 weeks after you arrived home with Jadon. I just remember how much he enjoyed eating–it was fun to watch him enjoying the bountiful spread. I sure hope this procedure works for Josh and that the palate issue was the cause of all of this. I wonder if we’d have ever even caught the hearing loss, if it weren’t for the mandatory testing. I still wonder if Ethan hears well. He doesn’t always respond when I am talking to him and he seems zoned out. I always just thought he preferred his inner thought life to the outer world–but perhaps it has to do with his hearing ability.

  3. Even those “minor” procedures weigh on a mother’s heart! Good luck with getting the PE tubes placed and keeping the fluid down for better hearing.

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