Surgery/Ear Update

Well, Josh made it through (and so did Chris and I). He did so well with his six- hour fast. I was amazed that he still managed a little smile for the anesthesiologist (also a Josh), when he came to take Josh away. Everyone at Children’s Hospital was great. Still, it was one of my all-time hardest parenting experiences. When he came out from under, only one of us could go back to be with him. I went back because they thought he might be interested in some of mama’s milk. When I first saw him, he had blood all over his left ear and he was screaming. He actually wouldn’t eat or open his eyes. He just screamed in my arms for about 15 minutes. Because Josh has been such a good-natured baby, I really wasn’t sure to what to do with this. It was very hard to see. He seemed terrified and in pain. The nurse in recovery told me that this happens sometimes when they come out from under after getting tubes. She said there is lots of pressure in the ears and everything has changed for them, so they are disorientated. When we finally moved to a private recovery room, Josh cried himself to sleep in my arms. He woke up about 30 minutes later and finally nursed. He’s been pretty good since then. Chris and I will try to get all of that scary looking blood off of his left ear later tonight. For now, we thought we’d just leave it be so as not to disturb his peace. We plan to spend the remainder of the day in abject laziness, having been up since 5 a.m.

Our ENT said that there definitely was fluid to drain out. She said his ear drums were very thick, from having fluid trapped down there for so long (near as we can tell, since he was in the womb), and so that is why there was so much blood. She also, unfortunately, saw “abnormalities” with the “anatomy” of his left ear. I really can’t report any more than this information. She said we’ll deal with this when she sees us next. She told us that it was still good that we got the fluid drained, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to see much with a scan of that ear. So, the next step in our journey is to go back and see her on March 23rd. This was the earliest we could get back in to see her (incidentally, our nurse in recovery told us that she was so booked because she was the best–but that she was well worth the wait). At that time, they’ll repeat the OAE (hearing screen that he’s been failing since birth). I am so hoping that we pass at least in the right ear. I am still hopeful that the “abnormalities” in the left ear won’t detract from his hearing, but we understand so little that it is difficult to know what to think about this news. It’s back to the waiting. I think I just need to decide that these doctor visits are going to go on a while more. As I said to Ethan today, we didn’t get a “get-out-of-jail-free” card. But we made it through the day and through the procedure and that’s something. Thanks for all of your prayers.


3 thoughts on “Surgery/Ear Update

  1. Oh, what a tough day! Sending *hugs* I am glad you are done with it, and hopefully you can get some clear answers as to what is going on with Josh’s hearing. The “good” news about a visible abnormality is that the visible things are generally conductive in nature and correctable (so I’m sending positive thoughts that any anatomy issues can be corrected)! The worst (procedure-wise) is behind you… now you can focus on getting a good picture of his hearing issues and you can move forward.

    Get some rest!

  2. I’m so glad the procedure went well! It sounds like it was tough for all of you, though. I hope you are all recovering and relaxing together and that you will get good news next time you see the ENT.

    Love & hugs to you all!

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