March 3rd

Above are some photos of Central Park in NYC and Hannah in Central Park taken last March.

Most of the students in my class are not from Minnesota. At least 40% of them are from California. One of the Californians asked me last October, on a 50 degree day, “How much colder will it get?” I informed him that the weather was still relatively pleasant. He looked a little incredulous. Today, I am certain that the 40 plus degree weather feels as wonderfully warm to all of them as it does to me. One thing I love about Minnesotans is how we celebrate this first small burst of spring. We celebrate it, even knowing that another month of snow storms is not outside of the realm of possibilities. I love how, while walking with Josh in the stroller at 5:30 last night, I could catch a waft of at least two grillers, out taking advantage of the 40 degree weather. There is nothing like the smell of steaks grilling for the first time in a season, even if you haven’t eaten red meat since your were 15 years old. Ethan came in the door after walking home from his bus stop on Monday and told me how much he loved hearing running water again. When I went out for a walk last night, I realized that he was right. In addition to the cessation of (most) birds chirping and insects, running water is another thing you do not hear in Minnesota in the winter. I am so grateful today for this subtle unthawing that we have taking place. I am encouraged by the lengthening days (even if they are now shorter due to the earthquake in Chile). I am filled with hope and awe in the freshness of it all. It is a bit like the steadfast love of the Lord, which is new every morning. I am humbled by my lack of faithfulness and His unwavering faithfulness and devotion. Fresh like spring each day.


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