Happy 6 months-sweet Josh, sweet sweet Josh

Josh has been working on sitting up for the last few weeks but last night, as if on cue just one night before his 6 month birthday, he started sitting alone and handling toys (which includes my shoe; he loves this shoe for some reason and remote controls; typical guy that way) at the same time too. He was very pleased with himself.

So, I promised myself that I’d write out his birth story before his 6 month birthday. Maybe I’ll still get to that later today (I am starting to forget some of the details–that’s what happens as you approach 4o). For now, I’ll post some sitting photos and a few others taken today on his official 1/2 Birthday. And finally, a picture of the snow going out from our backyard. Yes, yes. Oh spring, come find us here! I am so appreciative of the thunder I am hearing today. It makes me feel so cozy wrapped up here in a wool blanket typing on my computer while Josh sleeps.


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