Josh and the older folks

Josh has spent so much of his little life in the waiting room at various doctor’s offices all over the metro area. Today we were in a waiting room in Maplewood with a bunch of people over the age of say 80–best guess. Josh’s pediatrician discovered that Josh’s tubes were all clogged with blood on Friday and fluid was building back up behind the blood. His ENT was on vacation this week so we were referred over to an (apparently) non-pediatric ENT in her same practice. So Josh and I sat in a waiting room of white-haired folks today. They all gave Josh plenty of smiles. And when I carried Josh back to the room, the nurse asked me if he could stand to get measured. I said, “he’s only 6 months old!” She said she didn’t know. As it turns out, I think our ENT was approaching 80 as well. It was a strange afternoon. We did find out that we had managed to clear the right ear (which is supposedly his “good” ear) this past weekend with hydrogen peroxide drops. The left ear is still plugged and the tympanagram showed no movement of the ear drum and likely fluid build up again. Darn. Not yet sure what this means–we are told Josh likely has lots of pressure on that ear. We see our regular ENT on March 23rd. Josh is so patient with all of these doctors–even the ones probing around in his ear. They always comment on how good-natured and easy going he is. It’s true. He really does amazingly well. He only really seems grumpy when he has goals (such as crawling) that still remain out of reach.


4 thoughts on “Josh and the older folks

  1. Oh, no! We had one of Nolan’s tubes block up once (luckily, only one) and it was not good. Do you have any Ciprodex drops left over from the tube insertion? I’d ask his pediatrician or ENT, but that helped to keep Nolan’s ears clear whenever we suspected fluid build-up (which you can’t always see, unfortunately).

    I hope you can get back into your pediatric ENT again soon- very strange for the tubes to block up so very soon! Of course, Nolan now rejects tubes in his right ear (his last one only stayed in for 7 weeks). Hopefully set #3 will last a bit longer…

  2. We had used up all of the earlier drops but got more yesterday and have begun to drop that ear again. I think the blocking up so soon thing has to do with the ear anatomy (this last ENT read me the full report, which I am sure we’ll hear more about on Tuesday)–very small opening and she had a very hard time getting in the tube. Also, a very thick eardrum that bled hard.

    I do hope Nolan’s 3rd set stays in there!

  3. Jadon had a hearing test last week, as well. He has no fluid in his ears, and is in the normal range for hearing. He is right on the edge of “normal,” though, so that was good to know since he doesn’t seem to hear as well as the other kids. Now I know that he’s not just ignoring me!

    Jadon is getting ready to have a bone graft in a couple of months for his palate. It should be his last surgery until he is about 18.

    Blessings and prayers for sweet little Josh,

    1. Oh, I am glad Jadon is nearing the end of surgeries for a long time. I don’t know how he (and you) have made it through all of those surgeries. He is a very courageous boy.

      It is good that you homeschool him. Even with hearing on the border like that, he’d probably have a more difficult time distinguishing a teacher talking from all of the background noise. I’ve sometimes wondered if I’d have it in me to homeschool Josh, at least for a while.

      I need to get your address again. I am sure I have it in an email somewhere, but I’d have to dig pretty hard. I have a gift I’d like to send little Grace.

      I will email you separately about the address.

      Much love,


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