St. Patrick’s Day Photos

All Texas family and friends–we are so sorry we can’t get on that plane tomorrow. We are working to get Josh’s ear healthy as fast as we can and we will get down to see you all soon. Promise.

Josh has discovered his tongue. He likes to stick it out at anyone new these days. I think it his way of communicating and I hope it is a passing fad. It is sure cute now though it can get a wee bit embarrassing when he continues to stick his tongue out at people, as he did at Ethan’s gymnastics meet last Sunday. Here are some photos I took of Josh and Ethan yesterday.


3 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day Photos

  1. We’re so sorry you couldn’t come, but totally understand about Josh’s ears. Turns out, you missed a nasty weekend. We (in Longview) actually got snow this morning! Again. Somemore. You’ll laugh at us (because we are such whimps when it comes to snow) but this is our 3rd one this year and it’s completely lost its novelty for us. So, perhaps when you do get to come, we’ll have some of that lovely 70 degree weather. Until then, I’ll look forward to having Josh stick his tongue out at me ; )


    1. Oh, and we had a nice, sunny weekend here. A little cool but still nice. Yes, once made, Chris and I really felt it was the best decision (for us and everyone on the plane with us! We didn’t really want to be “those” parents).

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