My “Everything” Chair

Chris and I may have successfully found a replacement for my 45-year old Lazy Boy rocking chair yesterday. I’ve been trying to replace it (meaning, not get rid of it but move it to a less prominent part of the house–out of the living room) for about 15 years now, with every attempt being unsuccessful. I love that chair so much but it has been recovered twice now, has had countless spring replacements, and in general, is falling into ill repair–despite my best efforts. On the plus side, it is now a little bit in style once again, as in mid-century modern (sort of).

So when I was feeding Josh in a public “family” room the other day and liked the rocking chair I was sitting in, Chris was hopeful. He was even more hopeful when I said it might replace my chair–my “everything” chair (two weeks ago, I scooted Ethan out of my chair so that I could edit his paper for his law class. I told Ethan, “You need to move–that’s my editing chair.” Ethan looked at me and said “that’s your everything chair.” Yes, Ethan calls it like he sees it. And he sees the bare truth). Anyway, Chris used his iPhone to take pictures of the chair and the manufacturer’s seal. The next day, after some internet research, we found that Baby’s on Grand carried that brand of rocking chair. We went there yesterday afternoon and I test drove about ten different models. We didn’t find the cool Arts and Craft style model that they had in the family room, but we found a similar feeling chair that was a more sleek, modern design. It will go great in our living room. Is it possible that I’ve finally replaced my “everything” chair, after 40 years of sitting in this chair (this is the chair my mom rocked me in as a babe). Below is a picture of Josh and me in front of my everything chair (taken when Josh was around 7 weeks old).


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