Looking out, 1 month . . . 2 months

Once again, it’s been a long time since my last post. I’ve been quite busy with grading briefs, hearing oral arguments, and doing final grades over the past few weeks and weekends. Now, however, my class is pretty much wrapped up, other than getting in a few recommendation letters for some of my students. Yeah!

Last week, Josh failed a hearing screen (OAE–for those of you that are keeping track) in both ears. At that point, his tubes were clear so this was a true failure. It was very disappointing because we had been hoping for a passing test in at least the right ear. On May 13th, Josh will undergo a CT scan of his temporal bones and an ABR. These will both be administered while sedated. So I guess Josh will have his first IV one month from today. I am really dreading the procedure but eager to get a better picture of what is going on with Josh’s hearing (or lack thereof).

On June 13th, Hannah comes home. Yeah!

This is sort of the inverse of last fall when I was dreading Hannah’s departure (one month before Josh was born) and at the same time, eagerly awaiting Josh’s birth.

I will write more soon (I really will) to catch you all up on Josh. He is moving all around now and is quite the busy boy, making it more difficult to write in my blog, since I am running around after Josh, saving him from near disaster at every moment it seems. But I will find the time, alas.

Blessings and Peace–Heidi

P.S. Here is a picture of the Easter Joshy


2 thoughts on “Looking out, 1 month . . . 2 months

  1. Sending all my positive thoughts and prayers in your direction. No matter what the results of the ABR are, he is a brilliant, beautiful boy and he is going to do great in life.

    I am sure you are ecstatic about Hannah coming home from Japan- I am sure she will have a lot of stories to tell! What a great experience!

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