The Verdict

So I learned yesterday that I have “frozen shoulder.” I never knew that such a condition existed. Apparently 70% of all cases occur in women (especially women over the age of 40–hey, I am not yet 40! I still have almost three months of my thirties left so why is my body already falling apart?). My doctor actually looked rather incredulous that a mother of an active little baby had this condition because she said that it usually occurs in people who don’t use their shoulders much. After Googlizing this condition, I don’t think that is necessarily the case. Sometimes athletes suffer from this condition. Chris even took a whip cracking class from a guy here in town who had to leave the whip cracking business for a while due to his frozen shoulder (Yeah, Chris is very good with the whip—ha, ha, ha–but it sounds so much like gun shots that he can’t really practice in our now-spacious backyard). So, I guess I am in good company. Anyway, while surgery is sometimes used to help clear this condition, the first thing to try will be about 12 weeks of PT, so that’s good. I am just relieved to know that there really was something wrong with my shoulder, that this has happened to others, and I am not just going crazy.


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