The Bath Was Just Too Much

I knew Josh was tired, but I thought I’d try to sneak in a bath before nap time. He usually enjoys his baths but was fussing during this bath. Because he can now pull himself up to standing (and even has learned to climb some), he tries some unexpected and dangerous stunts. On this particular morning, he attempted to free himself of the bath. Before I knew what was happening, he had pulled up on the side of the bathtub and was trying to climb out when he started to slip. In the process of grabbing him my bad shoulder sort of slipped out, and Josh and I both sort of fell back into the bathtub together. I did save him from yet another bump to the head (he is getting lots of those lately–which happens when you are a 7 month old baby who thinks you can walk), but it sure resulted in a wee bit of trauma for both of us. He started to cry very dramatically (maybe only because the exhilaration of his escape had been foiled) so I picked him up, soapy hair and all, and wrapped him in a towel, swaying to comfort him. Well, Josh fell asleep right there in the towel, all wet and and naked. Of course, I eventually had to diaper him (he didn’t even really wake up for that), but before I did so, snapped this sweet shot of Josh. It was a wild morning, but a peaceful nap. This all happened last week. Since then, I’ve delegated bath time to Chris (until my shoulder heals more).


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