Flowers for all of the Mothers

It has been a rough past few days, with the stomach flu going through our house. It began with Joshua on Wednesday night into Thursday (and peaks of it on Friday) and Chris had it awful on Friday and Saturday. I had a more mild round of it last night into today. Ethan is still standing strong–but I think that Ethan is hoping someone will start cooking again in this household before too long–no one but Ethan has wanted food for a couple of days. Anyway, it is likely Josh picked the bug up in the ER last week.

Somehow though, Ethan and Chris managed to get out late last night to buy me flowers. Chris organized them nicely in one long-stem vase, but I broke them up so that they’d last longer. I broke them up into three batches and each vase of flowers reminds of me of one of my children.

The beautiful spray of pink baby roses (is that what they’re called?) reminds me of Hannah. Because they are both strong and delicate at the same time. The rose are also beautiful in their complexity, which also describes Hannah. Hannah is sort of like the weather in Portland, Oregon. In any given day, about ten different moods may blow through–just like the weather can constantly change in Portland; pouring rain one moment to brilliant sun the next. And finally, I must mention that Hannah also has the tiniest little rose bud ears, like delicate petals. They are amazingly small but work very effectively. Okay, they are just downright cute–and I noticed them again when we were skyping the other day. She said people in Japan (and here at home, for the matter) are always commenting on her tiny ears. I wish I had a picture that would capture them. I don’t right now, but I do have a picture of my pink bud roses.

These two long stem roses remind me of Ethan (I left his “junk” in the background of this photo–to remind me someday when Ethan has moved out and I no longer find his stuff around the house). He seems very simple, on the outside. Perhaps because he is so quiet. But he is always listening and soaking in the vibes around him. Every day, he’ll surprise Chris and I with one of his mature comments or with some sly and a wee-bit sarcastic, humor. And he is tall, ever so tall. Almost 5 feet 11 now–easily pushing 6 feet. He doesn’t require much fussing–just some good food (his food) for nourishment and exercise and some gentle prodding to do his homework. Ethan always asks me if I am going to the grocery store each weekend, as if I would forget. It is important to Ethan that we always have milk, Orange Juice, yogurt and shredded wheat. If we have those few items, he can fend for himself pretty nicely.

And then dear little Josh. He reminds me of this beautiful bouquet of wild flowers, some freshly cut this morning from our backyard. Josh may be a little more wild right now, and require a little more love and attention (and lots of breast milk for that matter!) to keep growing–but he fills my days with such color and joy. While I am enjoying his little baby self now (almost a toddler self as he cruises the furniture), I am also looking forward to having him run around in the yard next summer, so that I might garden more fully again. And take him for long walks in the woods and start to see the ways that he shines, the things he likes and finds important in his world. For now, it is clear he likes books and will always sit still if I read to him.

I am so grateful for my three children. I have been blessed many times over.


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