A Solitary (and most wonderful) Mother’s Day Hike

For Mother’s Day, what I most wanted was just a little time to hike alone in my favorite park, which is conveniently located just minutes from our home. Fortunately Chris was well enough to take Josh and I was well enough to hit the trail. Here are some photos from my hike. The forest was welcoming spring and bursting with the lightest greens and fresh growth. And there were moments where this hike blended with, and became, every hike I’ve ever taken in life. This surreal moment that only seems to occur in nature, makes my entire life feel so connected and, somehow, validated. I always end up with tears streaming down my face. And I know it will all be okay, no matter what paths my feet shall encounter in the week(s) ahead.

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5 thoughts on “A Solitary (and most wonderful) Mother’s Day Hike

  1. Oh well, I am guessing the hiking around Fort Collins is pretty spectacular–but you have to worry about poisonous snakes. I have such a snake phobia (much worse than my childhood tornado phobia!).

  2. Yeah, I really needed that time to prepare for the week ahead. In the end, I realized that if Josh could still walk in nature and take photos, whatever his disabilities may be, he’ll be rich indeed. I decided that I needed to start focusing on the things that Josh could do, rather than the things he may not be able to do with a hearing impairment and a potential bleeding disorder.

  3. As wonderful as St. Paul is, it looks like Eagan has plenty of its own positives, too! Glad you were able to spend that time exploring the gorgeous nature around you.

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