Prayer Request

All, Hannah has been plagued with chronic UT infections for the past 4 or so months. She has had another one this past week that won’t heal. Please pray for her healing (and also for opportunities to rest this coming week before her trip home–resting time seems to be in short supply for her right now) so that she may comfortably fly home as scheduled. I am awaiting my daughter’s homecoming with an anxious heart. I have a physical set up for her the day after she returns and am eager for her to see a US doctor. I so love this girl.


3 thoughts on “Prayer Request

  1. Thanks for the prayers. I spoke with Hannah last night. Her spirits were lifted, I think, just knowing that people were praying for her.

    I talked to Tiffany (Fettig) yesterday too and she said that for a month or two now, their family has been led to pray about Hannah’s return, for some reason (rather than focusing so much on her health or her experience). I very much felt reassured by this–that God was telling both Hannah and I that he was going to get her home.

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