First Day in Hearing Aids

Josh just got his hearing aids a couple of hours ago. So far, he is tolerating them well. No need for a Hanna Anderson pilot cap yet. We are a little disappointed that they keep giving off some feedback noise. I’ll have to call tomorrow to see what we might be doing wrong. We haven’t really noticed that much of a difference in his responses yet. I wasn’t anticipating that it would be this much maintenance. I am not very good at dental flossing every day–but these hearing aids sure take “self care” to a whole new level. I guess I need to become an electronics expert and learn a foreign language (ASL). Oh the places your children take you! I am sure this will all become old hat after a while, but today I feel a little overwhelmed. Josh is tolerating the hearing aids much better than the parents.

Here are some pictures taken yesterday with me and some from today with the hearing aids in.


5 thoughts on “First Day in Hearing Aids

  1. I love the blue aids!

    As for the feedback, we’re getting it for the first time now that Nolan’s aids have been cranked up. I’ve talked to some other parents (the listen-up yahoo group is great for questions like this) and there are a few products out there that help- oto-ease is a gel to make inserting the earmolds easier, and the goo can help seal the earmold (and prevent feedback). Otoferm is a product specifically for feedback, but I haven’t tried that one yet.

    Sometimes the earmold material can make a difference, too- the softer “squishier” earmolds seal better than the stiffer earmolds. Also, babies outgrow their earmolds really fast, so getting a tight seal is difficult until their little ears slow down in their growth! Nolan’s ears slowed down at about age 2- now we only need earmolds every six months or so. In the beginning, we needed them every month!

  2. Thanks for the tips Leah. I tried our oto-ease this morning (it was included in our hearing aid “suitcase”). It seems to have really cut down on the feed back.

    It still takes me a few minutes to get the aids in. I assume that someday, these will go in and out in seconds. I hope so. Now, when I pick Josh up to cuddle, and his hearing aided ear rests on my shoulder, we get all sorts of feedback. So it seems like I need to take out his hearing aids when we cuddle or nurse. I didn’t anticipate this much in and out all day long. Sigh.

  3. Nolan’s feedback a LOT- it is easier now that he is almost three (he doesn’t nurse and isn’t held as much as a baby, so there is less feedback). I used to turn off the aid on the ear that was “down” during nursing time, so that ear wouldn’t feedback when nursing. It can be a bit of a juggling act!

  4. He is ADORABLE with his blue HA’s 😀

    I see Leah’s way ahead of me, mentioning the Oto-ease. We went through a ton of it when Tate was littler. (and when we ran out, and couldn’t find it at any local drugstores, K-Y Jelly worked just the same, and a whole lot cheaper ;-D

  5. What great photos! I hope that the hearing aids will become easier with time. Sending good thoughts and prayers to you all!

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