She’s Home from Japan!

In all of our excitement to get to the airport, we forgot our camera. Chris took a few blurry pictures with his iPhone to capture the airport scene. I’ll write more soon. For now, Hannah is upstairs with her best friend, Julia, talking and laughing. It is the sweetest sound and I am thoroughly enjoying the half-way unpacked suitcase in the dining room and the array of chopsticks, fans and tea ceremony kits scattered across the floor–even some sweet potato Kit Kat bars. Josh seems to be enjoying the new level of activity in the house too. It is so good to have my girl back. She is a ray of sunshine. (and her flights home went beautifully–thanks for all of your prayers!)


3 thoughts on “She’s Home from Japan!

  1. Oh, wonderful news! I like the iphone photos- you can tell the blur of happiness and activity that happened at the airport. I bet she is just thrilled to see her baby brother!!!

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