Hannah’s Room Makeover Pictures

In the month before Hannah came home, Chris and I had some fun making over her room. Some friends of mine wanted to see pictures of the “reveal” so I thought this would be a good place to post those pictures. Because we moved into this home while Hannah was away in Japan, her stuff remained in boxes almost the entire time she was gone. Also, she never had the opportunity to see her room, except for on a quick walk through, before we had conclusively decided to purchase the home, before she left in August. Preparing this room for her was a bit like preparing a nursery when you are pregnant. It was how I passed the last month before she came home. The preparations were a pure act of love for Hannah from me and Chris. The only real guidance from Hannah was that she had wanted a chandelier and she wanted the “french provincial” look. Her best friend Julia also contributed, purchasing the Paris print for Hannah as a welcome home present. The print is not really french provincial, but hey, it’s French (well, really Scandinavian–thanks Ikea!). The room is not completely done yet. In August, the “MAC”–airport commission, is springing for all new windows for our colonial-style house because of our close proximity to the airport. This will hopefully decrease air traffic noise. Once that happens, Hannah will have all white windows in her room, to match the freshly painted white woodwork. Here are the pictures (I wish I had some before pictures to contrast). Enjoy!

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