He’s One Year Old: A Brief Update on Josh

Josh turned one year old yesterday. Yeah! In spite of Josh’s hearing loss and other issues, this has been a wonderful year. We are so blessed in every way by our little Joshua boy.  He has been walking around for about one month now and we are hoping that his speech will follow. He is showing some speech delays at this time, which is not surprising given that he we haven’t been able to keep hearing aids on him since about ten months of age. The audiologist finally agreed that his malformed ear canals might be a part of the problem. Josh has an extreme turn at the end of his canal so his ear molds also curve. Because of this curve, it is impossible to get his hearing aids on tight and so feedback starts after about ten minutes of having the hearing aids in and then Josh just removes them to avoid the noise. In August, we sent back his air conduction aids and just last week, we received a loaner bone conduction hearing aid from Oticon (see picture with headband on below). Although Josh still removes this hearing aid, he does it less frequently than with the air conduction aids. Moreover, it is easier for us to just get the head band back on him and start again. This is still not an ideal solution, but until Josh can understand that this aid is helping him, we will just have to persist in getting him to wear it as much as possible. He also starts meeting with the Deaf and HOH teacher for our school district tomorrow as a part of his early intervention plan. Also, I am using sign language with Josh. It is my goal, one way or another, to get Josh communicating in the next few months.


3 thoughts on “He’s One Year Old: A Brief Update on Josh

  1. I love the picture with the teddy-bear ears. He is so cute! I hope the BAHA helps him hear all those sounds- he will start communicating soon. Nolan signed milk first, then ball and cookie. Those were among his first spoken words, too!

  2. Good to hear from you Leah! We are actually using an Oticon bone conducting unit rather than a BAHA. I guess the person who developed this for BAHA (now owned by Cochlear) didn’t sign a non-compete or something like that. The Oticon is fairly new, so I wish I had more information on it. My audiologist likes it because she can program it like she programmed his air conduction aids.

    Incidentally, she thinks Josh has Golden Har Syndrome (even though he doesn’t have Treacher’s Collins), but the genetic doctor has yet to agree. Anyway, there seems to be lots of issues with Josh’s teeth, jaw, and bite. It seems that things just didn’t come together quite right. I think we’ll see a cranial facial team in December. In the meantime, because Josh’s hearing loss is pure conductive, it seemed like bone conduction amplification made the most sense. Still, I was expecting a BAHA unit, not the Oticon one.

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