Report as Mature

Under one of the drop-down menus above, Blog Info, is an option entitled “Report as mature.” I have contemplated that option a few times, wondering who exactly would be able to make the determination that my blog had matured enough that it was time to shut it down. I seriously thought that a point existed where the WordPress folks would decide that a blogger had written enough and declare “the end. Your blog has officially matured.” It was only last night that I realized this option referred to reporting blogs that contain adult content, as in X-rated material. Hmmm. I feel a little silly. On the upside, I no longer need to fear that a reader will report my blog as having matured anytime soon. I can keep on blogging.


One thought on “Report as Mature

  1. I recently returned to my own blog to post an update and found that I was no longer able to access it! I would have had to watch a video about the new format, and I decided it wasn’t worth the bother. Guess I won’t ever finish blogging about our trip to Hawaii in October 2009….

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