The Bed Bug Test

Hannah visited the University of Pittsburgh a few weekends back. When she climbed into her bed that night at the university hotel where she was staying, a few bed bugs climbed out on her pillow to welcome her. Hannah has always been extremely freaked out in the presence of bugs. I was surprised when I learned that she rather calmly agreed to change rooms and then actually went to sleep (I would have stayed awake waiting for the next round of critters to come dine on my blood, which is what bed bugs do). Everything she brought to Pittsburgh, including her Uggs, her new winter coat, and her information on the university, has been sitting out on our porch in big plastic trash bags for the past few weeks. All I can say is, thank goodness for the sub-zero weather. It is good for one thing, killing bed bugs. I’ve learned that these bugs are now in all 50 states, but especially prominent out east. They like to hitch rides around the country in travelers’ suitcases. I guess this means I will be super vigilant from now on whenever any family member returns from a hotel stay. In spite of the fact that three dormitories at Pitt have had bed bug problems this past fall, Hannah still lists Pitt as her top choice and so, I guess you could say it has passed the bed bug test.

Hannah visiting the University of Pittsburgh

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