February Blizzard

Well, our driveway was finally clear of snow and ice on Saturday evening. It is now covered with about 14 inches of fresh snow, thanks to the latest blizzard. Sigh. I know, I know . . . it’s only February. Winter still has a strong foothold but I was so ready for the cold and snow to be out of here. Perhaps I should go cross-country skiing today and at least enjoy some of this white world once again.

Tomorrow, my first baby boy turns 16. Chris measured him yesterday and he is now 6 feet on the nose and, presumably, still growing. Not sure what this will mean for his gymnastics career. E is still such a sweet guy and he loves his little brother so much. I just love E with all of my heart and soul. He has been such a gift to me all of his years. Hard to explain, but he has such a calm, peaceful countenance–he seems to bring peace to everyone he encounters. I will post a recent picture of all 3 kids (but please don’t tell E–he hates when I post pictures of him out here).



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