A Long, Short Week (leading to long or short hair)

I am wondering if it has been a long, short week for anyone else out there. I am not absolutely sure why this is, but I have my suspicions. Snow and cold back again, which lends to the perception that winter is dragging on. I guess, in general, it isn’t good for time to advance too quickly in so far as this is just hastening the time of our eventual death. Still, something about the seasons makes us push on through to the next season. The exception to that “push through” rule may be in autumn. Whoever really wants autumn to give way to winter? Perhaps snowboarders. I guess it goes towards our tendency to think that life will be easier in some other time and place. The problem is, however, that it is always still life in all its glorious chaos when you get there. Even with kids and their various stages–I used to always think the next stage would be easier and sometimes it was, and sometimes it was harder. And sometimes it was equally hard but just different. Sometimes we’ll settle for just different. I am not sure I can get beyond the weather/kid stage rut that I am currently in–at least not for a few months. The only answer then is to change my hairstyle. I think a change is long over due anyway.


2 thoughts on “A Long, Short Week (leading to long or short hair)

  1. Heidi,

    My hair cutting experience tends to flow with the birth of my children, much to the chagrin of my husband. It just seems necessary to change it about every other child. I guess it goes back to my control issues and that I need the change to move on to the next challenge, event , or season in my life. My advice is to go for it and never look back.


  2. Kristen,

    So good to hear from you. Yes, that’s exactly it. I feel like I’ve been in one place, a sort of elongated maternity leave, since Josh was born. It is time to move on to the next phase. It is time for a new hairstyle. Bring it on. Now, I need to figure out who is going to cut it. I haven’t been loyal to a hair stylist for years. Maybe this explains why there has been so little change for the past few years. A good stylist tends to encourage change. Maybe I’ll post an “after” picture once I get this done.


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