The Language Hurdle

My brother and his wife have both a hearing son, who was a late talker and required speech therapy, and a daughter with Goldenhar Syndrome, who has unilateral hearing loss (missing an ear). These two children are now seven and five years old. Last year, my sister-in-law commented to me that it was always nice when you got over the language hurdle. “Language hurdle,” I thought to myself, “what is a language hurdle.” Now I know and I am waiting to be over it. One recent victory is that Josh regularly says “Da Da” specific to his dad. Hooray!

We are considering placing Josh in a parent/infant program at a deaf oral school. Eventually, Josh would be able to transition to a pre-school and even Kindergarten program at the same school. The ultimate goal of this school is to have a spoken language communicator who leaves the school fully ready to mainstream. We like that they also spend the last year or so of the school teaching the kids to advocate for themselves and their needs once mainstreamed. If we attend this school, we will likely need to revoke our IFSP with our school district. We have been informed that our school district is not supportive of the school we are considering and has rejected any attempts to assist with paying for the school. As any one who has a child with a disability knows, however, you do whatever you can to assist your child in keeping stride with his peers, whatever the cost. You’ll cut back on everything else before you’ll make cut backs on your child’s needs. I cannot imagine what it would be like to lack the resources to provide your children with the most basic needs, like food and shelter. There could be no greater pain, I am sure.


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