The Miracle of Moving Shoulders

This morning, I attended a formal yoga class for the first time in over a year (and in the year prior to that, probably only about three times, given the difficult pregnancy and having new baby and all). It felt wonderful to move again. Surprisingly, some muscle memory even remained from my roughly seven years of faithful practice BP (before third pregnancy). I was not disheartened by my tight hamstrings or my slouchy updogs, or even that my heels couldn’t touch the floor in downward-facing dog. Instead, I was just extremely grateful that I was back on the mat and that my shoulders could move fully once again. Given that my left shoulder had only the most rudimentary movement at this time last year and, little did I know, was entering a 6-8 month period of extreme pain, I found it completely miraculous that it was moving so well this morning–even after another 6 months of relative inactivity post-acupuncture treatments last fall for my frozen shoulders. It was those treatments that finally worked on the shoulder, after months of physical therapy failed (sorry all you physical therapists out there). Just really grateful right now. As has been true in the past, yoga seems to be just what I need to help me regain my balance and find my center.


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