School Choices For H and J; Junior Olympic Qualifier for E

Hannah has decided to attend Beloit College next year, where she has received the Eaton Scholarship and the Rotary Overseas Scholarship for all four years. I am very excited. This decision was completely Hannah’s and I believe she has made the right one for her.

Ethan qualified for the USGA JO (US Gymnastics Association Junior Olympics) National Championship this past weekend, so he’s going to Nationals in Long Beach, CA in May. I am very proud of Ethan. He has worked hard to achieve this accomplishment. He has been very committed to the sport of gymnastics since he was four years old. He is now sixteen. That’s a twelve year commitment. Pretty sure I have yet to commit to anything for that length of time (other than, perhaps, driving Ethan to gymnastics for 12 years!).

Speaking of driving Ethan, he passed his driver’s test on the first go around. If Hannah receives a scholarship for the summer language institute at Beloit, she will be shipping off to college early (in June). Ethan is hoping that Hannah gets this scholarship because at that time, he will get full command of the kid’s car (which Hannah commands now to get herself back and forth between high school and her PSEO at Macalester College). I just realized this morning that right at the time I am done driving Ethan back and forth every day to gymnastics, I will begin driving Josh back and forth (not quite yet every day) to his Auditory-Verbal School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. It typically takes us 1/2 hour one way. If Josh does half as well on language development as Ethan has done at gymnastics, it will be well worth the time behind the wheel.

As far as Josh goes, we are already seeing real language progress with Josh after about 4-5 parent-infant speech therapy sessions at his new school. He is doing so well, I think he’ll be starting in the Toddler program one morning a week soon. Yeah Josh! Since starting school he’s added a few new words to his expressive vocabulary. He already had his “go to” word, this (dis), Dada, Mama, Ethan (Eths), Hannah (nana), Yes, No, Nigh Nigh (to nurse), eyes, ear, horse (erse), Down (he loves this word), Bus (us–“B” are a challenge for him), choo choo (zhoo zhoo), and sister (zsiz zsiz). He has added open, all done (all bun–go figure, we get a “b” there), up (uh), more (mair), ball (doll), and today, I think we finally got a bye, bye. He’s doing so good. I am so glad that we made the decision to put Josh in this school. I already feel like it was most definitely the right way to go. He is using his voice so much more and is also working on his active listening skills. He puts his finger to his ear when he hears me make a ling sound (shh, ssss, mmm, oooh, aaaah, eeee).


One thought on “School Choices For H and J; Junior Olympic Qualifier for E

  1. Wow–so much good news!!!! Congratulations to Hannah on her choice of school and her scholarships, congrats to Ethan for his gymnastics accomplishments, congrats to Josh for his constantly improving language skills, and congrats to you for being such an awesome mom and raising these amazing kids!

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