New Word Update

I plan to do a new word update pretty regularly now. Because I have yet to start Josh’s baby book (oops! third child syndrome), this blog may have to do (or help me fill in the pages once I get to it) for now. We’ve waited so long for Josh’s language, I want to track it now that it seems to be coming in.

This morning Josh said “apple” quite clearly and I think we finally got an attempt at “bye, bye.” Josh is also saying “uh” for umbrella and “mmmmm” for trumpet, flute, clarinet (basically any kind of horn. Josh loves instruments and when he sees a guitar, he says “da, da, da, da” in a sing-songy way. I think this is because I would do my own “Dum, dum, dumm, dum, dum de dum, dum, dum dumm, dum, dummmm” when I would see a guitar (any guesses? Smoke on the Water). He has a great book entitled Forever Young, which is illustrations by Paul Rogers set to the Bob Dylan lyrics. It is a great book, filled with guitars and a few horns. Josh loves this book and wants to read it at least twice a day. I kind of like the book too. It has lots of hidden Dylan references for adults to pick up on.


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