First Day of School

I just dropped off Josh for his first day in the toddler room at his Deaf and Hard of Hearing school. I will spend the next three hours within a ten minute drive of his school, just in case things don’t go well. He didn’t cry when I left him, so that is a bonus. I am sure he didn’t expect me to leave either, since I’ve never left him before. So maybe he’ll cry next week (only doing the toddler room one morning/week for now). The teacher that we’ve been doing parent/infant speech therapy with over the past month was in the room, so I am sure it helped, knowing one other person.

Josh is a quick study. The first two days of this week were beautiful, sunny seventy-degree days. Each of those days, when she returned from school, Hannah took Josh to the park for an hour before heading into her homework. Yesterday, it was colder and kind of drizzly out. When Hannah sat down in a chair with her homework spread out in front of her, Josh went over to the chair and kept looking up at her. When she would look at him, he would point outside and sort of shrug his shoulders. We finally realized that he was waiting for his daily trip to the park. Apparently two days is enough to establish a routine for Josh. I told Josh I’d take him for a walk in his stroller, but it was too cold to go to the park. Josh shook his head and looked at Hannah and said “zis, zis” (sister). Hannah was won over. In spite of her extensive homework, she brought Josh for a 20 minute walk in the stroller. He was satisfied.

Here’s hoping that a few days at school will be enough to solidify it as a part of Josh’s routine. We took a few pictures this morning of Josh on his first day of school. I’ll have to post one once I upload it from the camera.


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