New Hearing Aids!

I’ve been waiting to report this until I knew we were successful. Josh has had behind the ear (air conduction) hearing aids for two weeks now. We were using a demo pair but we’ve now ordered our own. We stayed with the zebra theme because he really loved wearing zebra stripes. His left ear still unseats the ear mold occasionally (very small canal, malformed), but they are staying in so much better than the ear molds that we had last summer. So, bye bye Baha (bone conduction aid). The best news is that Josh is keeping these hearing aids in during every waking moment. And he asks for them in when he wakes up in the morning (pointing to his ears). It has been a long road (almost a year now), but I finally feel like we’ve found the best amplification device for Josh. It is a Phonak Nios Micro V and we like it so much better than the Oticon that he had last summer. These have far less issues with feedback and I love the tamper resistant battery door. For us, these hearing aids are nothing short of a miracle. Really, this is our miracle and we are hoping that now Josh is really hearing (hearing age, 2 weeks!), we’ll have a chance at closing his language gap. It is clear that Josh was missing so much with the Baha (not sure why that is–maybe it just didn’t stay on the bone). He can now tell when there is water running through the pipes from upstairs and he signs “bath.” He never did that before. Hooray!


2 thoughts on “New Hearing Aids!

  1. We are supposed to be trying the oticon ones this week.. Not sure if they are bone or air ones though?! I will ask the audiologist this week though to see what our options are!!!

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