Ba-bye Nanna!

I love the Whole Foods Market in Madison, Wisconsin. We visit it numerous times whenever we are in Madison. I like it even better than the Whole Foods Market in Manhattan, and that speaks volumes. It has a great play area for kids, with lots of wooden play kitchen appliances and food. And the big hit; the bus below. Josh loves buses and can finally say “bus” instead of “us.” It would be so great to have a play area like this at our local Whole Foods Market (sigh). My favorite restaurant in the whole country (a Nepali restaurant) is located in Madison as well, on State Street. Conveniently, it is Hannah’s favorite restaurant too. Here are some photos from last weekend. Some are of Madison, some of us saying our final goodbye to Hannah, and some of Josh conducting his first college visit. He thinks her college checks out okay. All week, when he passed her room, Josh would say “Ba-bye (long pause) Nanna,” as if to reinforce to himself that she was gone. Hannah and I both had a little separation anxiety going the night we left her at school, but nothing like when I dropped her at the airport to fly alone to Japan. I think that experience will tend to make every other separation going forward seem somewhat mild. I certainly wasn’t sleeping on the floor of her dorm room, like Loralei Gilmore did in her daughter Rori’s room (as a teen, Hannah loved The Gilmore Girls–I secretly thought that Loralei was the kind of single mom that Hannah wanted me to be–and bought all of the seasons on DVD). I finally watched all of the episodes when I was on bed rest with Josh. It actually was a pretty good show. Lots of witty, intelligent humor.

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