Random thoughts from a Saturday Night

Josh received a Dapper Dan doll for his birthday. He calls him “Daa-an.” He was looking for Dan just now and it always takes a while for our brains to kick in and figure out he’s saying “Dan.” He doesn’t say “Where is?” yet. I bought him a doll stroller about a month ago. He loves to push Dan around the house in his stroller too.
Just got off phone with Hannah. She turned 19 years old yesterday. Hard to believe. She

is visiting a friend at U. Wis-Madison this weekend and wishing she was going there instead of the private school she selected. She is one of just a few freshmen in the fall theater production (focusing on the Innocent Project–nice role with 3 lawyers in her immediate family-me, dad, and her step-dad, as well as a paralegal stepmother) and Chris and I are going to see the play next weekend and then her dad and stepmom the following weekend. She especially wanted her dad to see the play since he is a public defender and has tried a few high profile murder trials recently.

Ethan is at a Junior ROTC training event his weekend. Ethan really is enjoying Cretin-Derham Hall. He couldn’t get over the fact that they could talk about God (and pray in class) at school the first few days of school. He actually really likes his Faith and Ethics class. And he loves JROTC (I know, it’s a bit of a head-scratcher for me too). So we moved to be closer to Josh’s school, but so far, Chris and I think that Ethan is the true benefactor of our move (at least for now). Simply because he wouldn’t have considered going to CDH if we hadn’t been moving so far away from his previous high school, which started each day at 7:00 am. That would not have been a doable early morning drive in the winter.


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