Diving Back Into YTT

In exactly 2.5 hours, I’ll be back in YTT (Yoga teacher training) for another four weeks. It was nice to have a two-week break. I used it to read some of my assigned books and observe a few classes. I even taught part of a class. We also went to visit Hannah during the first weekend of the break, seeing her in a play. And then, Hannah came home on break last weekend and has been home all week. Hannah’s been busy this week but Josh has still managed to get in some good “Hannan” (as he’s calling her right now) time. His favorite thing to do is to yell “Hannan!” whenever she is in another room or downstairs and hear her yell “Joshy” back. When I smell a dirty diaper these days, Josh tells me “No E-an,” blaming it on his brother, who is never even around at the time. Pretty funny.

I need to quickly update my yoga journal before class and so, I am signing off with some fall photos from the last few weeks.

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2 thoughts on “Diving Back Into YTT

  1. Great pictures–you doing that headstand is amazing! And I think one of Fancy’s puppies would make a wonderful addition to your family…. 🙂

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