Changing Themes

I am changing my blog’s look again. Sorry to be inconsistent. I needed to change it to correct some faulty html that got into the mix about a month back. I must admit, I was the one that went in and tried to change the code on my own, messing things up. I seem to think those two day-long html classes that I took a decade ago did more for my computer skills than they really did. I also didn’t like how the old theme failed to have a means to search within my blog. So, I am trying out this new look for a while. Anyway, as we discussed at yoga training today, often times it is the unexpected challenges, unexpected changes that bring us exactly to where we are supposed to go. In fact, I sort of had this strange break down (or break through) at yoga training this morning. We were just entering the yin postures phase of our slow flow practice. In yin poses, you don’t use any muscle, but you really get into the connective tissue. In particular, it is said that our connective tissue holds tightly our past suffering and pain, perhaps even memories that no longer serve us. Anyway, at the moment we went into a yin posture that addresses the connective tissue around our hips, our teacher, Jason, played Paul Simon’s song Hearts and Bones (yes, I’ve mentioned this song in a previous posting on this blog–clearly it holds meaning for me). For some reason, today, the song or the posture or both–it just got me. One of the phrases from the song discusses the “arc of a love affair.” I just dissolved into tears and I sobbed right there in the dark, with these sixty lovely, loving souls around me who I’ve come to know throughout the past six weeks. And after I had sobbed for a while, Jason said to us all, “You are exactly in the place you are supposed to be.”

At the end of the day, we sat in a circle and listened to the song Which Way Your Heart will Go, off Mason Jennings Boneclouds album. And my lovely fellow students and I sang the chorus together,

“Where would I be right now if all my dreams had come true? Deep down I know somehow I’d have never seen your face. This world would be a different place. Darling there’s no way to know which way the heart will go.”

And tonight, this verse goes out to you Chris. Where would I be right now if all of my so-called dreams had come true. I know I’d have never seen your face and oh what a different place this world would be. I am exactly where I am supposed to be. Or, in words of Trout Fishing in America, you’re the only place I want to be.


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