Opening up to Joy

Yesterday, my teenage son Ethan accompanied me to the grocery store. He was driving us home on the icy streets with the freshly delivered snow. He asked me how I felt about the snow. I told him I wasn’t quite ready yet. He then told me that something happened inside of him when it began snowing the day before. He then said, “I guess it opened me up to joy.” Wow, that Ethan. I have to remember there is always so much going on below the surface. I need to make time to listen. He doesn’t talk much in a crowd, but get him one-on-one and he has so many interesting things to say. I think Ethan is already unknowingly counting his blessings. He is one very content person. I so dearly love Ethan. Below is a charcoal drawing that Ethan did of a younger Bob Dylan. Everyone always is asking Ethan if it is a self-portrait.

And then a photo of Ethan and Josh before Ethan brought Josh out trick-or-treating this past October.


2 thoughts on “Opening up to Joy

    1. Well, we are thinking about doing a Colorado trip next summer so that Ethan can look at Colorado schools. I am sure that Ethan would like to see you. I could have him save up some of his tougher theological questions for you and David. His mind is outpacing my ability to provide answers.

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