Gratitude Journal: 961-980

  1. Hannah sitting in the kitchen doing homework; just like old times
  2. Eating a piece of organic apple pie (baked by my food co-op, not me) for breakfast. Mmm. Apple pie, my favorite breakfast food ever.
  3. Incongruity; sometimes ending gratitudes with punctuation and sometimes not
  4. Hazy late afternoon November light
  5. A box of organic fruit delivered to my doorstep from my sister-in-law in Texas
  6. Hearing aid technology
  7. The science, art, and development of speech therapy
  8. Our speech therapist, Mignon
  9. Josh saying yesterday “I like pumpkin pie” (although he didn’t want to taste it)
  10. Teaching my first yoga class on Wednesday, because the scheduled teacher didn’t show up
  11. Teaching part of a  gratitude yoga class on Thanksgiving for the same teacher, who did show up on this holiday and allowed me to teach part of her class
  12. Thanksgiving day gratitude yoga with my daughter on the mat next to mine
  13. Incongruity; my husband’s amazing business brain coexisting with his compassionate heart and gentle spirit
  14. My brother allowing me to be his yoga teacher yesterday (he is eight years older so it is not often in life that I get to be the teacher to him!)
  15. Large aromatic rosemary shrub as a small, Charlie-Brown style Christmas tree
  16. Speaking the language of The Peanuts, Lucy and Linus, serving as the ancient-archetype for Hannah and Ethan (even cartoon characters can help us make sense of our lives)
  17. Incongruity; my East meets West religious views (more on this planned in a forthcoming post)
  18. All of my journals from my thirties, acting as evidence to me that when you ask, you receive (intention setting)
  19. Mr. Puppy, Ozymandias, who will be joining our family one week from today
  20. Contrast; red berries on bare branches next to evergreen shrubs just outside my window

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