Gratitude Journal: 941-960

  1. We didn’t have to take Josh to the ER for dehydration during his terrible stomach flu incident this weekend
  2. Josh having 3-4 pees in his diaper today (it was bone dry yesterday, aside from severe diarrhea)
  3. That I was still breast feeding during Josh’s stomach flu (hadn’t yet weaned him)–since he won’t take Pedialyte and the breast milk seemed to be the only thing that kept him from substantial dehydration
  4. Our little puppy adapted well to his new home with a toddler throwing up on him every hour or so
  5. Ozzie seems, so far, like a pretty mellow puppy
  6. Ozzie doing a very good job doing his business outside so far
  7. So far no one else has presented with the stomach flu except for me with a very minor version this morning
  8. For Chris for doing all of the night dog duty while Josh has been sick, even though I was the one who really pushed for this dog (Thank you Rhurac. I fall in love with you all over again when I see you with that little dog tucked under your arm; you are as good of a dog dad as you are a human dad)
  9. Across the street neighbor snowblowing our sidewalk this morning
  10. Veggie soup simmering on the stove
  11. Slate kitchen floor that has been pooped on, urinated on and puked on multiple times this weekend by toddler and puppy; thanks for wiping clean
  12. I developed an irrational fear of vomit while growing up (long story). Anyway, that I worked through my fears to be with Josh while he barfed about four times while Chris was on his way to get the dog (we had all planned to go together but Josh threw up the first time as we were getting ready to leave)
  13. That I consciously chose to take on my wild fears yesterday morning, when we thought Josh was dehydrated, and instead chose to be in the moment and to find my breath and to find my thanksgiving to support me
  14. My lovely washer and dryer that have been doing triple duty this weekend (I said to Chris yesterday, “How did the poor pioneers in log cabins deal with the stomach flu?” I just can’t imagine)
  15. The red and green felt Christmas tree advent calendar hanging in my kitchen. My mom made this at some point in the sixties so I guess it is going on 50 years pretty soon.
  16. Time spent out in newly fallen snow that wouldn’t have happened without a new puppy in the house
  17. Josh consistently using four word combinations for the last week or so
  18. I am not only exactly where I am supposed to be, I am where I always wanted to be (toddler puke, puppy puddles and all)
  19. For the few hours of precious sleep that Chris and I have been getting the last few days; every little bit helps
  20. Ethan pitching in to help, as needed, through out this challenging weekend

These are the kinds of weekends that stay in your memories forever. I know that puppy time, as well as toddler time, definitely does not stick around forever. I want to do my best to be present and savor these moments, even the seemingly unpleasant ones. This gratitude journal definitely seems to help.


One thought on “Gratitude Journal: 941-960

  1. I’m sorry to hear about Josh being so sick! Poor little guy. Sounds like it’s been a challenging weekend. But hooray that he’s feeling better and there were so many joys mixed in with the all the other goings-on–like the wonderful new puppy! 🙂

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